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EvDomains are great investments. Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man. Bill Gates


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A small businessman who buys a domain in a new extension will essentially be invisible on the web. Ron Jackson


eV2V: eVehicle 2 Vehicle Virtual 2 Virtual -eMail is human but eV2V is artificially more intelligent: "Virtual-To-Virtual" or "Vehicle-To-Vehicle" is the new Internet Of things or IOTs Language. Get today!


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Ze Plane: Zero-Emission Plane

What is the value of a click, if that click leads to the sale of a twenty million dollar plane? Rick Schwartz


ZeroEmission (Ze) Domains $55, SOLD $150,000 --- $79,750--- $97,750 $99,750 $79,750 $5,000 $10,000


Sales & Offers Contracts/Leases $25,000.00- $9,750.00- $10,000.00- (Private)- - Auction Auction



Evdomains – EV Domains: Electric Vehicle Domains….and More.

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man” — Bill Gates
“What’s the value of a click, if that click leads to the sale of a $20m plane…?” — Rick Schwartz
“A small businessman who buys a domain in a new extension will essentially be invisible on the web.“ — Ron Jackson

I’ve seen a better domain name change the value and presence of a business time and time again. _Frank Schilling

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Home Energy Storage sector ready to explode! Get

The following Premium Domain Names/URLs are owned by
EVDOMAINS, P.O. Box 840013 Hollywood, Florida 33084, USA.

These names have been registered in good faith after researching the names at the USPTO, as well as other resources to insure that registering each domain name and the contents such as news, information, goods and/or services that EVDOMAINS intends to offer at these sites would not infringe on the Trademarks and/or Servicemarks of others. Any similarities to a registered mark are unintentional and merely coincidental since the original acquisition of the domain name most likely would have predated such marks. In the unlikely event that EVDOMAINS has infringed on the mark of another party, it has been without knowledge and EVDOMAINS is willing to work amicably towards a solution. EVDOMAINS reserves the right to, and intends to, manage, develop, and market each name and use the name in commerce in accordance with state and federal law. Furthermore, EVDOMAINS is considering venture capital and partners for management and development of these domain names and businesses. It is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to acquire quality domain names in the marketplace, specially .com premium domains. If you have any interest in a name please feel free to contact EVDOMAINS with your comments and/or questions via e-mail. Keep in mind that most of the domain names listed below will never again be available for public registration but may still be available for purchase, lease, or co-development. God Bless! Thank you for visiting and we look forward to a mutually satisfying transaction.
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“What’s the value of a click, if that click leads to the sale of a $20m plane…?” — Rick Schwartz…That click may come from (ZeroEmission Plane)


About Us

Eveillard’s Domains (Ev domains) Portfolio was carefully crafted over the last 10 years as a result of my firm belief that the electrification of transportation was inevitable. I anticipated a paradigm shift away from fossil fuels toward clean energy and transportation. I subsequently published “Convert to EV” ” The EV Alternative” and “Electric Vehicle EV: The Second Coming” books, e-books. I have remained very active via countless articles and social commentaries to advance the adoption of EVs and Green Energy while increasing the exposure and  branding power of Ev domains individually or as a group.

To my knowledge this is the most complete set of EV Domains and Alternative Energy names available today. Most of them are premium .com brand and generic domain names covering many niches including grid, smart grid, graphene, cloud, swipe, DOOH and miscellaneous evdomains.  These and many other Premium Ev Domains command much higher price tags for resale over time or return on investment since the industry is maturing rapidly. For example ,,,,, and among others have recently received offers in the five figures and one under contract for five figures. sold for just shy of $10,000.00 on 01/21/16

Yet some gems in my collection of Ev Domains are worth more and climbing in value rapidly due to the Climate Change Initiative recently signed in Paris. Valuation will continue to rise as the tremendous momentum in EV Production and Mass Adoption accelerates. The strategy of investing ahead of future trend can pay off  for you too. We are just at the beginning of an energy and transportation revolution. Do not wait for it to be too late. The time to get  your Ev domain is Now. We are just at the inflection point of this paradigm shift.

Buying an EvDomain is not just a good investment, it’s a great one!

Dr Yves Eveillard (EvPal)